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Whether you need IVA help, or a friend of loved one is in need, then contact us today for more information about how we can make your live more liveable and help you to escape from the overshadowing spectre of prohibitive debts. Contact us today for an off the record, completely private consultation, you do not even have to give your real name the first time around if it is only advice and information which you are seeking. We can tell you what your options are, or what we can do to help your loved and cherished ones to get out of their predicament. It is a very simple process for us to organise an Individual Voluntary Arrangement once we get the ball rolling. We take the responsibility of arranging the legal documents, contacting the relevant government departments and ensuring that your creditors come to accept the new state of affairs and improved terms on which you will be paying them back at a heavily reduced rate. This is a winning situation for all parties, the government wins as the nation’s debt is reduced, even if it is only one person or one domestic household debt, you win as your debt is reduced by a very large percentage, the company wins as it is getting back some, rather than none, of it is money – a great victory for them, and we win the satisfaction that comes with knowing that a job has been done well and that we have made your life easier, and contributed to a reduction of the debt stranglehold which has been placed on the country.

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