When’s The Right Time To Worry And Save For Your Retirement?

September 23, 2019

When you are in your twenties, retirement feels like such a faraway goal that it barely appears genuine in any way. Actually, it's one of...

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September 20, 2019

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iva specialists

Iva Specialists

May 26, 2019

Welcome to Information on IVA

Getting an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, is an increasingly popular way for people to reduce their overall debts by entering into an arrangement with their creditors, in which those who are owed money come to accept a lower overall payment, in return for a percentage of what they would otherwise have received. This situation benefits all sides, the individual is able to get their finances in order, while the company is able to get back some of the money they are owed, a good result for all parties no doubt. An IVA is a legally binding agreement and therefore must be organised through the proper professional channels so that the signee has a clear understanding of what they are agreeing to. This ensures that a harmonious and fully comprehended state of affairs will play out, with no unexpected increases to come. Once you have signed up for your IVA, the people who are chasing you for money will disburse as your legal status will then make you untouchable. Overall, a brilliant scheme which the government dreamed up in order to protect you, the consumer, from greedy companies who promise the unattainable and attack the senses from all sides as they push their products on you through relentless advertising in the media. These companies promise the world and offer endless credit, with little consideration for the financial repercussions of the modern family. Whether the traditional nuclear family, or any of the modern variants which have come to define the family, overall family debt in the UK is now at an alarming rate, topping a trillion dollars for the first time in 2005. That’s a lot of zeroes. Many people feel ashamed of the amount of debt they carry, however, much of the responsibility for this debt can be placed at the door of government deregulation in the 1980s, which legalised the predatory lending policies which banks and credit card companies took advantage of and ultimately led to the economic meltdown which started in late 2008.In order to qualify for an IVA, levels of debt generally have to be in excess of £15,000, but each individual case is different and if in doubt it is better to consult with a trained expert who is able to offer educated counsel and make recommendations which suit your individual personal circumstances. We encourage you to contact an expert at your nearest convenience if you feel that you may qualify for an IVA, as there is little point allowing interest to run up on your debts, when they could be neutralised today. There’s really no need to feel any guilt about debt, it is a reality of modern existence in the twenty first century. The whole economy is based around debt and since the gold standard was dissolved, inflation and disingenuous governmental banking regulations have conspired to create a symbiotic relationship where the needs of the individual have been subjugated to the needs of big business. Since Milton Freedman’s Chicago School of Economics made its recommendations to deregulate and trust the invisible hand of the free market, the average wage of the median citizen has declines, while Bernaysian marketing schemes have become ever trickier in an attempt to push the average citizen into the slavery of debt, an unending set of circumstances in which the average person becomes subservient to the ideological needs of big business. Fear no more, with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, you will be able to get back on track much quicker than you would have been able to otherwise. The government has clearly recognised the folly of the 1980s deregulations which were made, as this scheme is fully government supported as a way for those unfortunate enough to have been saddled with unmanageable debts to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make their escape through it at a pace much more rapid than would otherwise be inconceivable.

When’s The Right Time To Worry And Save For Your Retirement?

September 23, 2019

When you are in your twenties, retirement feels like such a faraway goal that it barely appears genuine in any way. Actually, it's one of the most usual excuses individuals make to not think about the retired life. If that...


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June 9, 2019

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iva specialists

Iva Specialists

May 26, 2019

ONLINE IVA SPECIALISTSThat leads us to the crux of the issue, now that you have been convinced of the benefits, its time to look for online IVA specialists. Unlike with disreputable debt consolidation agencies, we provide a complete service and...

iva help

Iva Help

May 17, 2019

Whether you need IVA help, or a friend of loved one is in need, then contact us today for more information about how we can make your live more liveable and help you to escape from the overshadowing spectre of...

iva finance

Iva Advice UK

May 8, 2019

As financial specialists, we specialise in giving financial advise to residents of the UK and IVA advice UK is an area of expertise which we are top of the pile for. Our legal eagles are leading figures in the industry...


Individual Voluntary Arrangement

April 15, 2019

The ideological shift in government policy in the late 1970s from Social Democracy to liberalism has had a profound impact on British society. The liberalism of the financial services industry, plus a transition from collectivized risk as part of the...

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March 27, 2019

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